COBEDIAS electronic status bulletin


The electronic status bulletin is basic for any work according to the COBEDIAS method. Its architecture follows the teaching standard for clinical bedside examination. All elements of history taking and physical exam are represented. The physician's conversation with the patient is guided smoothly but systematically through the various items to avoid missing important informations. Functionality, practicability and usefullness of this kind of clinical examination is tested by an ongoing concomitant research programme. Adaptations that improve the tool are implemented continuously during product development. 


These are the key features of our software:

1. A clear items display and progress indication


2. Medical timeline of a patient's life


3. Pedigree for family history


4. Complete systems overvew and physical exam with guided documentation


5. Integrated textbook for medical students and interns


6. Interactive graphs for correct labeling of body parts



7. Concise report of essential information - at the touch of a button


8. Disease profiles and disease activity report support diagnosis and prognosis