The COBEDIAS examination

«Möge die endlose Schlange der Kostenvergütungssysteme niemals vergiften den Spürsinn entstanden durch klinische Übung, niemals verschlingen die Kunst erworben mit Aug, Ohr und Händen.»
Max Stäubli (2010)

For a COBEDIAS examination you should schedule an hour of your valuable time.
The examination comprises for you as a patient the following specific parts:

First, you tell and explain your physicians your complaints. The physician will check back to specify certain issues, which will help him to be more precise on hist judgmen about your condition. Subsequently, the physician will physically examine you from head to toe: he will take the blood pressure, inspects your skin and hairs. He listens to your lung and heart. Neck and belly are palpated. Many other steps and handgrips belong to a comprehensive clinical examination. Following this procedure, the physician can make substantiated and valid propositions for the next important steps.

The comprehensive clinical examination by a physician follows a certain method. The systematic approach has evolved and was established over centuries in occidental countries. The technique is taught at medical schools all over the world. The COBEDIAS clinical exam is a comprehensive bedside examination that follows this academic teaching standard closely.

To put it simply: with COBEDIAS - you get easily to the right diagnosis