The COBEDIAS method

«There is not a single electronic medical record (EMR) system today that is set up to bring all this data together in a meaningful way - not just to aggregate it, but to provide the full analysis of all one's medical information.»
Eric Topol, 2015

For the first time, clinical examination data, when documented with the COBEDIAS electronic status bulletin, get comparable. Comparable with what? They get comparable with the reference data of certain patient populations. This approach has an unforeseen diagnostic precision. For the derivation of reference data, anonymized patient records are grouped according to the assured presence of certain diseases and compared to the compiled reference data from individuals free of that respective disease. These disease defining empiric reference datasets are available for webbased requests by interested physicians. By this patient-centered inquiry, health professionals can substantiate their next diagnostic or therapeutic steps.

The COBEDIAS method is particularly efficient in detecting low risk or excluding disease. Therefore, physicians who work with COBEDIAS can treat their patients particularly gently avoiding unnecessary expenses. Working with COBEDIAS saves at least 20% of ressources at the long run without economizing on quality of care - quite the opposite is true!

The clinical empiric disease profiles, which are delivered by the COBEDIAS medical data warehouse for each patient, are valuable basis for any kind of health services research. Academic institutions who wish to perform research projects with their own data are kindly invited to work with COBEDIAS in order to obtain their documented structured findings in a current spreadsheet format.

Besides of the enduser license to physicians who would like to work with COBEDIAS, we also license the COBEDIAS method to producers of health information systems. The following producers have develobe a COBEDIAS interface allowing their customers to work with the method:


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