Mission statement


Our vision

The physician-directed clinical examination is the origin of a good relation with the patient including a successful treatment. Our products support physicians to perform a careful clinical examination which allows to recognize health problems timely. The COBEDIAS electronic status bulletin answers any open questions. The daily and ordinary medical observations form a common treasure of experience that is of greates utility for the individual patient, medical profession and society in general. 

Our mission

Patients feel being taken seriously during the bedside examination. The physician can spend sufficient time with and attention to each of his patients. The medical profession learns from the daily business and is supported in decisions with empirically and scientifically sound advice. Clinical data get clinical information and information gets clinical experience. This transformation is our core business.


Our values

Time – in order to capture the health status of an individual, you need time. That time, patients and physicians deserve equally.

Quality – A human life is precious and health a valuable good. Not else but careful and precise should an individual be examined. Committed to the highest standards of quality.

Empathy – To understand a human being and its health status requires particular sensitivity and intuition.

Independence – For medical decisions that result from clinical examination, the patient's individual wellbeing is the only criterion.

Scientific nature – Each single medical decisions shall be supported by scientific findings. Even minor medical decisions must be continuously verified by a scientific research program. True innovations shall rapidly get incorporated into the decision algorithms.