COBEDIAS for the society

«The ongoing concern about your health is also a disease»
Platon (428-348 v. Chr)

The clinical experience of a good physician is helpful to make quickly the right diagnosis. And a correct diagnosis is prerequisite to treat effectively. The COBEDIAS examination contributes to the clinical treasure of experience that makes medical professionality. Not only collection of experience is mandatory for progress in medicine, but sharing it with others makes it truely beneficial for society. In an anonymized form, clinical examination datasets are collected in the COBEDIAS medical data warehouse. With increasing amounts of data in this collective medical memory it may contribute important advice for rare patient conditions. This unique collection of comparable clinical datasets can revolutionize the treatment of orphan diseases providing that a large number of physicians and health professionals contribute high quality reference datasets. The COBEDIAS method will revolutionize medicine since it collects patient derived clinical data at the very beginning of disease. Therefore, COBEDIAS is profoundly cost-effecitve.

COBEDIAS has the power to identify important treatment gaps of modern medicine, to indicate measures of quality improvement and patient oriented cost containment. The COBEDIAS medical data warehouse provides the transparency in health care systems that was wanted for a long time.